Get empowered with information that will help you leverage the powerful and simplified features eFleetAdmin® better.


1.   My company has multiple business functions in fleet management. Will this solution handle all of them?

Yes, this is a multiple function solution that will handle all the different verticals in an overarching manner.

2.   We settle driver subsistence allowances (batta) daily, does the system calculate this?

Subsistence allowance reports are generated daily and form part of monthly salary and periodic reports for operation expense analysis.

3.   Are access privileges controlled to restrict access to relevant sections or features?

A secure, failsafe role based access control, ensures that authorized personnel have access only to specific sections or features/reports.

4.   Does the solution help in filing GST compliant returns?

The solution is interfaced with Tally, and this facilitates filing of GST returns. Accounting of GST details are available in the application.

5.   Will the solution help to slash costs towards tyre replacements and retreading costs?

Yes. The solution analyses tyre patterns and suitability for your business; comparing figures to offer the insights that help to cut down costs towards tyres and retreading that account for 6% of total operating costs.

6.   Do we have to set up, maintain servers and install additional software for accessing the solution?

No. You only need a system and internet connection with regular OEM software to use the application.

7.   We would like to host the data and the application on servers that we own and maintain. Is this possible?

Yes, you can have your own servers for running the application.

8.   Will we receive alerts on upcoming maintenance requirements or schedules and part replacements?

Yes, the solution triggers alerts on maintenance requirements in advance and right before the actual date or KM, helping to manage trips accordingly to facilitate maintenance.

9.   Is this solution modular, does it offer flexibility through customization?

Yes, customization is offered on request, at extra costs to meet specific changes and challenges. However, our solutions are designed to meet all requirements.

10.   Will this help to cut down fuel costs and how does it help to slash fuel expenses?

The solution analyzes multiple factors that impact fuel costs – comparison of driver’s handling of vehicles, the effect of maintenance on fuel consumption, the routes, and various other factors, before offering crisp and actionable recommendations that help to slash fuel costs that account for 50% of operational expenses.

11.   Does this require special skills/induction training for employees to use?

This is a simplified version, with user friendly interfaces for access. Any computer literate employee or a smartphone user, will find it easy to use eFleetAdmin®.

12.   Is this hooked to telematics? Will FASTag deductions and fuel calibration be taken into account.

The solution can be integrated with telematics if GPS is available on board. Solution also provides the interfacing with the leading fleet card and FASTag providers.

13.   Does the solution generate financial reports for assisting finance teams?

Yes, the solution generates all finance related reports, offering precise inputs for financial management.