meetSIGNet hosted applications provide an easy to use unified solution. The modules are available individually for an organization's unique requirements, whether it is project management, group discussions or to conduct offsite meetings; or fully integrated single sign-on, for a cohesive management and event planning solution.
meetSIGNet – Collaborate

This easy to use WIKI web tool effectively streamlines communication through secure workspaces by organizing online discussions, scheduling meetings, allowing shared documents, and tracking the delegation of projects. meetSIGNet-Collaborate provides the control, visibility and analytics that are needed to manage projects strategically and successfully.

meetSIGNet - CMS Platform

WinStrata's straightforward Content Management System simplifies the process of website revisions. By allowing companies to quickly update their own online communication, site maintenance costs are reduced. Authorized administrators can easily customize the website without having to learn complex or technical skills, which will help keep the site accurate and up to date.

meetSIGNet –Roster

This module completely manages and coordinates the various schedules, which are essential to the success of meetings and events. This interactive scheduling process has the capacity to coordinate hundreds of employees, and volunteers during numerous shifts to meet the organization's unique scheduling requirements.

If you need to move valuable registrant and participant data from one system to another, and want the ability to include your administrative tasks and issues, then meetSIGNet is the solution!

meetSIGNet – Nametag

This on-site nametag management wizard provides a customizable nametag to efficiently process pre-registered event attendees as well as on-site registrants. Nametag is powered with Barcode and RFID capabilities to track attendees, helping organizations simplify event admission, monitor attendance and effectively fine-tune their future events.

meetSIGNet – Registration

Event Managers can depend on this dynamic online registration solution to provide attendees with a secure, convenient registration process. WinStrata's comprehensive technologies ensure that all data is accurately tracked and reported in real time for up to the minute management reports.

meetSIGNet – Survey

Whether a CEO needs to measure employee satisfaction, or an event manager is looking at attendee expectations, a survey is a reliable way to gather the information needed. Collect and analyze information before, during, and after an event quickly and affordably, to maximize the return on investment for all event activities.

meetSIGNet – Networking

This networking tool includes features that allow members, as well as event attendees to share and view each other's profiles and information through an interactive process. The convenience of sharing and accessing vital information greatly improves the overall efficeincy of the business and enriches the experience for members or event attendees.


“We are so impressed by the efforts and innovative thoughts that WinStrata has put into this product. We had experimented with a variety of software solutions, but quickly realized that WinStrata has the perfect solutions! Now we can easily manage over 100 activities in 450 time slots, and coordinate more than 300 volunteers during our three day event.”
  - Venkatesh Gomatam