WinStrata has evolved a prudent and comprehensive methodology to ensure that we meet customer expectations and be able to scale up in terms of size or the technology tools employed for development. Our methodology, however, is not a rigid regimen of inflexible processes. It caters to differing needs of customers and offers room to accommodate their culture and goals.

We employ a structured methodology for software application/e-business solution development. Our early stage risk management and mitigation strategies help in careful planning of the right resources, time line and setting up right expectations towards a win-win consummation.

The structure is made of up four distinct stages - Strategize, Devise, Realize and Optimize.

Within each of these four stages, specific project steps, activities and deliverables are managed in a planned and controlled manner to ensure complete requirements analysis, software implementation and quality assurance testing. Product deployment is accomplished in a cost-controlled and on-schedule basis. Our approach is flexible to allow development in a customized and modular fashion.

STRATEGIZE (Envision, Solution, Proposal)

Our process starts with involving the customer in intense discussions to discover the priorities. We learn about the customer's industry and the starting notions of what the solution needs to be.

We work with executives and end users to identify goals, objectives and the critical success factors. We perform high-level cost justification analysis, conduct Web analysis, present our understanding of the proposed technical architecture to help the customer evaluate potential solutions. For instance, one could choose between building a solution or just buying it. At the end of this step, we present a proposal document that includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Quantitative and qualitative business case analysis
  • Project Matrix - highlighting all functionality
  • Analysis of the current and future technical architecture
  • High-Level Technical Architecture
  • High-level Project Plan
  • Skill set and Training assessment of your project team
  • Buy vs. Build decision for products
  • Pricing & Deliverables
DEVISE (Analyze, Design, Implement)

Our team members interact with key personnel to prioritize and phase the release of critical features to match the customer's business needs. Project plan that includes milestones, system and application design, layout of system interfaces, messaging standards, integration parameters to other tools and hardware requirements is worked out.

We work with the users to define screen design and navigation and ensure consensus across all business groups. Wherever applicable, a prototype is also created. Our Implementation starts with customer signing off on the detailed project plan and design. During this stage, we completely focus on development combining all the components of the project plan to one product

  • Detailed technical and application architecture
  • Detailed Project plan outlining each phase of the build
  • Screen design and layout
  • Release Management Plan
  • Test Plan
  • Resource and Project Team profile
  • Prototype (if needed)
REALIZE (Integrate, Operate, Deploy)

This is when our team integrates the solution and sends out a version of the product for customer's review and manage changes through well thought-out change control process (YES, we are flexible).

We closely monitor and carry out rigorous testing in different perspectives (System, Integration, and User). All along this process customer is informed and any changes is informed to keep in track with the business expectations.

A training and release plan is prepared as well. At the end of this step, we present a strategy and design document that contains:

  • System Testing, Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing Document
  • Resolve any outstanding issues
  • Completed and signed off application
  • Prepare for roll out and training
OPTIMIZE (Enhance, Measure, Maintain)

This is our transition phase. We work with IT personnel and project managers to transfer the product and help/train them at every stage. Here we monitor change control bugs and monitor error logging and keep an eye on maintenance on backup and recovery plans. And finally, we build end user excitement for upcoming changes. Our trainer trains the trainer and provides necessary documentation:

  • Deploy to clients Staging/Production site
  • Measure and Monitor changes.
  • Instruction and user manuals
  • Maintain and plan next phase changes.

Our methodology requires that we do not stop here. Often, a project may need to incorporate a complex new functionality, hook into existing back-end systems or simply need content updates or expansion. In such cases, we work with the client to constantly tune their project, allowing improvement as necessary over the long-term.